? The most comprehensive Swiss Soprod A10-2 movement detailed

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The most comprehensive Swiss Soprod A10-2 movement detailed

Today and try to explain a movement of the article, this article and different, in the past because of the needs of the work I mainly focus on the detailed ETA movement of the article, I personally do not like to explain ETA Movement, because the relevant information on the Internet too much, of course, sort out and sort out the demand, I also update my local Tu Hao ETA on a lot of detailed, I believe also helped a lot of people. But in my impression, all the impression on the swiss replica watches movement seems to be limited to the Swiss brand of self-produced movement & ETA SA these two, the majority of domestic businessmen for the Swiss movement concept seems to be true, I think In addition to its own large and not down, and aircraft carrier-level output, there is a reason is that opponents really few people know, by contrast, I personally love some of the growing movement of the production side. Today, I came to detail is produced by Soprod's flagship movement A10-2 First of all, said Soprod movement believe we are all unfamiliar, but when it comes to Plum watches, I believe we are not unfamiliar, and this movement is the earliest use of well-known brand of Swiss plum brand watches, can simply say that this movement ETA2892 movement belongs to competitors, but also because of its smaller production of a large number of German brand watches are also using this movement. Of course, Soprod this movement module factory is currently the only one I know by the Chinese (Hong Kong) company wholly-owned acquisition of the Swiss movement group mold factory, is also the Chinese watch market access to the Swiss movement of the important channels, Of course, these things are not today to explain the main content of the movement, if you want to more in-depth understanding of the watch industry replica watches uk industry, you can search on Baidu "Yi Jin Li (Hong Kong) Group Co., Ltd." and the current Chairman of the Board Zhou Zhanhuang A hundred times the super-rich second-generation), as well as his father Zhou Jue years of related deeds, should be learned from some of the more real information. This picture is believed to be the most comprehensive picture of the A10-2 movement on the Internet, through the positive photos, we can see that this Swiss standard of "manufacturing enterprises" does not seem more than ETA 2892, pure Swiss Movement of descent, all the details are done pretty, we can in the forum than the Polish version of the ETA 2892-A2 movement. At the same time it is worth noting that this movement of the gemstone bearing shaft is not ETA 2892 25J 21J, of course, this is not this movement must be more stable than the ETA 2892, to be good, just enough to prove that this movement is Soprod group Mold factory to design their own, rather than the so-called modified according to ETA 2892. At the same time Soprod A10-2 movement, because very much like later by the ETA 2892 movement modified Omega 2500 movement, in the past many years rolex replica hot time, (at that time the market no less than 40,000 yuan authentic Omega) Movement is also used to install a high-end replica Omega 300M, including now Omega300M diving is also used in this movement is similar to the 2507 movement. I also for this movement to replace the Omega rudder, we are interested can look for Omega 2500 movement of the relevant information to do the comparison. This article describes the text less, mainly in the picture, because this movement output is low, in the high imitation table on the wide range of applications is unlikely. After all, the current use of this movement of the brand, mainly authentic German table, or to wear a German jacket of the Shenzhen enterprises, so I will not do too much Detailed, the purpose of this article only to initiate, just hope you table Friends can understand that, in addition to ETA, SW, Swiss self-produced watch brand movement, the watch industry chain in Switzerland, there are still great movement suppliers, and I hope more friends to understand these peers thing. Develop their own ideas to introduce some really great technology. And no longer stick to the simple sale. Or the concept of speculation, well thank you for watching